CmpSpots Program Contributors

The current CmpSpots program is the result of a collaborative effort with contributions from various groups. The current Java program is partly based based on some of the code refactored from the C/Unix GELLAB-II 2D gel spot pairing program (cmpgl2, 1993 version). That in turn had been refactored from a DEC-10/SAIL language version. The new Java version also includes code from the open source Seg2Dgel, Flicker, and MAExplorer programs.

Many individuals have been involved over the years in its development both as direct collaborators running 2D gel experiments as well as in offering suggestions for improvement including: Lew Lipkin, Eric Lester, Jim Myrick, Mary Robinson, Carl Merril, Heinz Busse, Peter Sonderegger, Pete Rogan, Ye Chung Wu, Steve Aley, Mike Alley, Rob Ashmore, Kyle Upton, Jeff Orr, Mort Schultz, George Carman, Mark Miller, Arthur Olson, Norman and Leigh Anderson, Sam Hanash, Jian Li, and many others in the electrophoresis community. Published descriptions of the algorithms for the GELLAB-II program on the Open2Dprot Web site and are in the References section of this Web site.

The core group developing the CmpSpots program source currently consists of

    * Peter Lemkin
    * Greg Thornwall
    * Jai Evans

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