Flicker Vignette - How do I compare two images?

This vignette shows how do you can compare two images.


  1. Load the two images you want to compare (see vignettes to load gel images if you want different images).
  2. Position the left or right image to the spot you are interested in the scrollable image window (see vignette for positioning gel images).
  3. Then position the other image so it is positioned at the spot you think corresponds or the region roughly corresponds
  4. Enable flickering by enabling the Checkbox on Flicker (C-F)), typing (C-F)), or selecting (View | Checkbox onFlicker images (C-F))
  5. Fine-tune the position of the left and right images as required.
  6. When the two images are aligned, the spots that are optimally aligned may appear to pulse.
  7. When you are done flickering, you can disable flickering by the same controls in step [4].

Setup for the demo

You need to have two images loaded in Flicker. The default when you start Flicker is to load the two human plasma gel images.

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