Flicker Vignette - How do I save the state of Flicker?

This vignette shows how do you can save the state of Flicker so you can continue your data-mining session at a later time. The state is saved in a .flk file in the FlkStartups/ subdirectory in the Flicker installation directory. You can later restart Flicker to return to this state by either clicking on the .flk file which starts Flicker on this data, or using the (File | Open state file) command which requests the name of the .flk state file. In addition, every time you exit Flicker, it automatically saves the current user preferences in the Flicker.properties file. This file is read each time Flicker is restarted. If you are starting Flicker with a .flk startup file, it will overide these user preferences and use the values in the .flk file.


  1. Select the (File | SaveAs state file) command
  2. Specify a .flk file (e.g., "MyData.flk").
  3. When you are done, exit Flicker.
  4. You may restore when the state when Flicker is run in the future either by clicking on the "MyData.flk" or by specifying the file in (File | Open state file) command.

Setup for the demo

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