Flicker Vignette - How do I set the circular mask size?

This vignette shows how do you can set the circular mask size. The circular mask is used in measuring spot intensity.


  1. Select the new circular mask size in the measure circle (diameter) slider. Note: the NxN is one of 1x1, 3x3, 5x5, ..., 51x51 options which is the size of the rectangle enclosing the circular mask.
  2. To show the circular mask in the left and right images, make sure (View | Set view measurement options | Checkbox onView measurement circle) option is enabled.
  3. You can view the size of the actual circle by turning on the trial-spot mode by disabling the (Quantify | Checkbox onList-of-spots else trial-spot measurement-mode (C-J)) checkbox.
  4. Then click on a spot and type (C-M) to show the circle.
  5. Adjust the circle until the spot fits just inside it.

Setup for the demo

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