Flicker Program Contributors

The current Flicker is the result of a collaborative effort with contributions from various groups. Flicker was initially written in 1997 by Peter Lemkin as a Java applet for use in a Web browser to compare 2D gels residing on the internet with investigators own 2D gels [Lemkin97a]. This visual technique was developed as a simple way to compare 2D gels without having to install a complete quantitative 2D gel analysis system to ask the simple question "which spots in my gel are similar to which spots in a reference gel?" The Flicker applet was enhanced with the help of Greg Thornwall and has been applied to 2D gel data from a variety of Internet sources.

In 2003, we decided to create an open-source downloadable Java application version of Flicker that would make it much easier for investigators to analyze their own data [Lemkin04]. As a standalone Java application, it is independent of the Web and has greatly increased functionality because of access to the user's local computing environment. The new version was written by Peter Lemkin and Greg Thornwal with help from Jai Evans. It incorporates open-source code from the MAExplorer project (http://maexplorer.sourceforge.net/).

The core group developing the Flicker program source currently consists of

    * Peter Lemkin
    * Greg Thornwall
    * Jai Evans
In addition, a few of the individuals who have contributed to the program in terms of ideas, data, ideas, bug reports and documentation and suggestions, including Lew Lipkin, Carl Merril, Eric Lester, Jim Myrick, Dennis Hochstrasser, Ron Appel, Mike Dunn, and others. A special debt is owed to Lew Lipkin, George Carman, and Carl Merril who were involved in early implementations of the Flicker technique using image processing hardware. We also want to thank the user community for feed back on enhancements and bugs - especially Enrico De Toni, Stephen Lockett, Joe Creed, Mark Holmes, Neil Kitteringham, Hesham Agrama, and many others.

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