Seg2Dgel Jar Version

There are two versions of the Landmark program available on Open2Dprot
at the server

or the mirror server at

The first is the installer version that you download from the Web
server.  The second is the possibly latest version that you update by
having Landmark copy the Landmark.jar file from the Web server using
the (File | Update | Landmark program) menu command. After you do the
update, you need to restart Landmark to use it.

Until futher notice, Landmark is to be considered pre-alpha-level
code until it is officially released. This means that there may be 
some functionality not fully implemented, that works incorrectly, 
or that has changed. New commands and functionality are in the 
process of being added. Please report problems and suggestions to us.

1. Full download installation Landmark version 0.16
Revised: 12-21-2005

2. Update Landmark program (Landmark.jar) version 0.16
Revised: 12-21-2005