O2Plib Program Status

Note: This pre-alpha level software is under construction and will change. 
Not all functionality described is fully implemented or fully debugged.    
This documentation will undergo revision as the program develops. 

The following are known bugs, suggested features, functions that are being debugged or being developed. Documentation for resolved bugs is found in the revision history Web page.

Known Bugs Known bugs

The neumonic GGGR is shorthand for "Grep, Get Gestault and Refactor".

  • V.0.3.2 05-31-2005: Add O2Plib/gui/ImageData.java, O2Plib/gui/DrawHistogramCanvas.java classes

  • V.0.1 10-14-2004: Add O2Plib/db/DbCSD.java class. Add O2Plib/gui/ImageData.java, O2Plib/gui/ScrollableImageCanvas.java, O2Plib/gui/DrawHistogramCanvas.java, O2Plib/gui/DrawHistogramCanvas.java classes

  • V.0.1 10-12-2004: Initial release

    Suggested Features Suggested features

  • V.0.1 10-14-2004: [TODO]

    Contact us     O2Plib is a contributed program available at open2dprot.sourceforge.net/O2Plib          Revised: 10/04/2005