Historical links to early work with   
   MAExplorer and GELLAB-II   

MAExplorer links        GELLAB-II links
Some of the ideas for Open2Dprot came from MAExplorer and from GELLAB-II. We provide a few links for anyone interested in these works. Note: GELLAB-II is no longer available and is not released. Open2Dprot supersedes the functionality of GELLAB-II and offer additional analytic capabilities as well as being more portable.

Links to MAExplorer

MAExplorer is an open-source DNA microarray exploratory data analysis system. It is written in 100% Java and is available on SourceForge.net at http://maexplorer.sourceforge.net/. MAExplorer also has the ability to invoke R plugin methods to analyze MAExplorer data. As we discuss in the Open2Dprot development plan, we are using many of the ideas and some code from MAExplorer. The following are a few links to MAExplorer.

Historical information about GELLAB-II

GELLAB-II is an early 2D-PAGE gel exploratory data analysis system written in C and running on Sun X-Windows under the Solaris Unix systems. It did a complete analysis from data acquisition, image spot segmentation, spot pairing between gels using landmarks interactively define. It also included an extensive exploratory data analysis tool that created and then searched the composite gel database. GELLAB-II is no longer available. We expect Open2Dprot to include and exceed the functionality of GELLAB-II.

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