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There are a number of Adobe Acrobat PDF formated documents and slide shows available for the open2Dprot project.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can download it for free from Adobe. Get Acrobat program   The following lists some of the top-level PDF documents you may download. As others are created, they will be added to this list. Note: see lists of PDF documents for specific pipeline modules in the list of Sub Projects.

  1. New Poster US HUPO 2006 Poster on Open2Dprot given at 2nd US HUPO Symposium, March 12-15, 2006, Boston, Mass, USA.

  2. Open2Dprot XML schema description (working document)

  3. PROTIG Seminar handout (Protein Interest Group, NIH) Seminar 3-17-2005.

  4. Poster HUPO USA 3/13-16/2005 Poster on Open2Dprot given at 1st HUPO USA Symposium, March 13-16,2005, Crystal City, Virginia, USA.

  5. Current Overview (full size) (PDF) of the Open2Dprot project. Smaller versions are 2 panels/page and 6 panels/page.

  6. The Open2Dgel project. Poster given at 2nd annual HUPO congress, Oct 8-11, 2003, Montreal, Canada.

Additional documents for each pipeline module

More detailed PDF, HTML and javadoc documents are available for individual pipeline modules.

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