Open2Dprot XML Schemas Open2Dprot    

The following table lists some of the beta-level XML schemas used by Open2Dprot. There is a HTML version of the Open2Dprot XML schema description which is a working document that describes the XML schemas for the Open2Dprot project. A PDF version is also available. This document is a working document on the XML status and is updated periodically.

These schemas will change as we extend these schemas and merge them with the Protein Standards Initiative MIAPE XML schema.

Name Function
Open2Dprot-Accession.xsd Sample accession information (to be merged with MIAPE)
Open2Dprot-Landmark.xsd Landmark database of a few corresponding spots between samples
Open2Dprot-SSF.xsd Sample Spot-list File (SSF)
Open2Dprot-SPF.xsd Sample Paired-spot-list File (SPF)
Open2Dprot-CSD.xsd Composite Samples Database (CSD) [** not complete - this will change **]

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