Accession - Open2Dprot sample accession program

Accession - Open2Dprot sample accession information program pre-alpha version

Welcome To Accession

Note: This pre-alpha level software is under construction and will change. 
Not all functionality described is fully implemented or fully debugged.    
This documentation will undergo revision as the program develops.  


Accession is a Open2Dprot project Java program to accession sample information into the system for the Composite Sample Database (CSD). The CSD consists of protein expression per (spot) for N samples may be constructred from N sample spot lists. The Accession program aids in the construction of a database describing the sample information, region of interest and grayscale calibration (if applicable for the samples being used).

Accession is a step [1] module in pipeline analysis for the Open2Dprot project.

You can download the Accession program and install it on your computer. Currently, Accession is hardwired to start with the demo samples and with the -gui switch. However, you can add your own samples to the accession database. This initial default will change as the program stabilizes. The remainder of this home page contains links to some screen shots of the interactive GUI. The Web site contains some initial (rudimentary) documentation.

See the Reference Manual for details. You read about downloading and installing the program on your computer. The source code will be put onto when it is a bit more stable - currently it undergoing major refactoring. Currently, code is available from the CVS server at Open2Dprot at SourceForge.

Examples - samples of screen shots

To give the flavor of running the Accession program, we provide a few screen shots of the graphical user interfaces and some results. You can these images in the list below or view all of the screen shots in a single Web page.

Please contact us with suggestions and comments. If you make interesting changes in the source code, please send us a copy and describe your changes so we can merge them in the released version.

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