Uses of Class

Uses of Accession in Accession

Fields in Accession declared as Accession
 Accession AccACCwizardPopup.cs
          instance of the main class
 Accession AccCALIBwizardPopup.cs
          instance of the main class
 Accession AccROIwizardPopup.cs
          instance of the main class
private  Accession AccROIwizardPopup.ScrollableImageCanvas.cs
          instance of the main class
private  Accession AccReportPopup.cs
          instance of the main class
static Accession Accglb.cs
          instance of the main class

Constructors in Accession with parameters of type Accession
AccACCwizardPopup(Accession cs, java.lang.String baseImageFile)
          AccACCwizardPopup() - Constructor
AccCALIBwizardPopup(Accession cs, DbSample dbS, int calDataMode, float[] calDataList, int[] grayDataList, int nCalSteps, int nGrayPeaks, java.lang.String calUnits, Table calibTbl)
          AccCALIBwizardPopup() - Constructor.
AccReportPopup(Accession cs)
          AccReportPopup() - Constructor.
AccReportPopup(Accession cs, java.lang.String programName, java.lang.String textReport, int nRows, int nCols, java.lang.String title, java.lang.String reportFile, boolean showStatusFlag)
          AccReportPopup() - Constructor.
AccROIwizardPopup(Accession cs, DbSample dbS)
          AccROIwizardPopup() - Constructor