Constant Field Values


public static final java.lang.String applicationName "CmpSpots"
public static final java.lang.String cmpspotsURL ""
public static final int DBUG_ALL_SSF_SPOTS 4096
public static final boolean DBUG_APPEND true
public static final int DBUG_ASSIGN_CODES 1
public static final int DBUG_ASSIGN_SSF_TO_LMS 2
public static final int DBUG_COMPUTE_RADII 4
public static final boolean DBUG_CONSOLE true
public static final int DBUG_DUMP_LM_SET_SPOTS 131072
public static final int DBUG_DUMP_PREFACE_EPILOGUE 262144
public static final int DBUG_DUMP_SPF 16
public static final int DBUG_FIND_LMS_IN_SSFS 32
public static final int DBUG_FREE_0200000 65536
public static final int DBUG_FREE_04000 2048
public static final int DBUG_INITIAL_SPOT_PAIRING 128
public static final int DBUG_PRINT_AT 512
public static final int DBUG_PRINT_FULL_NODE_INFO 524288
public static final int DBUG_PRINT_LMS_SET_SPOTS 1024
public static final int DBUG_PRINT_LMS_SPOT_MAPPING 256
public static final int DBUG_READ_LANDMARKS 16384
public static final int DBUG_READ_SSF_DATA 8192
public static final int DBUG_SECONDARY_PAIRING 32768
public static final int DBUG_SPECIFIC_SPOTS 1048576
public static final int DBUG_SWITCH_ANALYSIS 64
public static final java.lang.String dbugBitsHelpStr "Debug bits for -debug switch for the CmpSpots program -\nOpen2Dprot project 2D Spot Pairing Program\n==========================================================\n\n---------------------------------------------------------------------\n| Note: This pre-alpha level software is under construction and |\n| will change. Not all functionality described is fully implemented |\n| or fully debugged. |\n---------------------------------------------------------------------\n\nDebugging option bits used with the \'-dbug:<bits>\' command line command\n-----------------------------------------------------------------------\n\nThe following are the orthogonal -debug option code bits in octal.\nThis means you can add them together (in octal) and use that number.\n\n Octal code Methods traced\n ========== ================\nbit: 01 = assignCodes()\nbit: 02 = assignSSFtoLMS()\nbit: 04 = computeRadii()\nbit: 020 = dumpSPF()\nbit: 040 = findLMSinSSFs()\nbit: 0100 = switchAnalysis()\nbit: 0200 = initialSpotPairing() and convolveG1G2()\nbit: 0400 = print landmark DB and corresponding spot mapping\nbit: 01000 = printAt()\nbit: 02000 = cvtLMsetSpotsToStr()\nbit: 04000 = -free-\nbit: 010000 = print all SSF spots for both samples\nbit: 020000 = readSSFdata()\nbit: 040000 = readLandmarks()\nbit: 0100000 = secondarySpotPairing()\nbit: 0200000 = -free-\nbit: 0400000 = dumpLMsetSpots()\nbit: 01000000 = dumpSPFpreface() and dumpStatisticsToSPFfile\nbit: 02000000 = print full spot node info\nbit: 04000000 = debug specific (hardwired) list of spots\n=======================================================================\n\n"
public static final int MAX_LM_LATCH_THR 6
public static final int OPTBKGROUND 50

private static final boolean NOT_NEEDED_WITH_MULT_LANDMARKS false

static final long serialVersionUID 0L

public static final int DIST_THR 5
public static final int HIST_DL_DIST 2
public static final int HIST_DP_DIST 1
public static final int HIST_HEIGHT 500
public static final int HIST_LMS_SIZE 4
public static final int HIST_NONE 0
public static final int HIST_PAIRING_LABELS 3
public static final int HIST_WIDTH 400
static final int NCOLS 80
static final int NROWS 10
public static final int SCR_HEIGHT 420
public static final int SCR_WIDTH 500
static final long serialVersionUID 0L
public final int VIEW_HEIGHT 720
public final int VIEW_WIDTH_NO_HIST 790
public final int VIEW_WIDTH_WITH_HIST 920

static final long serialVersionUID 0L

static final long serialVersionUID 0L