Flicker Vignette - How do I change parameters?

This vignette shows how do you can change parameters. You can reset and change various parameters.


  1. You can reset the colors, view overlay options, and canvas size using the (Edit | Reset default view)
  2. You can change the colors for the target, trial object, landmarks and measured spots using the (Edit | Set colors | object-type | specific colors)
  3. You can change the canvas size for the left, right and flicker window and measured spots using the (Edit | Canvas size | Increase size (C-Numpad '+'))and (Edit | Canvas size | Decrease size (C-Numpad '-')) commands.
  4. You can change the transform parameters including the zoom using the slider bars in the upper right part of the main window.
  5. You can change the flicker delay rate using the Delay slider bars below the left and right images.

Setup for the demo

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