Flicker Vignette - How do I assign a spot's putative identity?

This vignette shows how do you can assign a spot's putative identity from a known gel.


  1. Load the two images you want to compare (see vignettes to load gel images if you want different images). One of the gels must be an active clickable map linked to a Web server. You could use, for example, (File | Open demo images | Human Plasma | (Swiss-2DPAGE vs. Merril) gels clickable).
  2. Alternatively, you can explicitly load one of the over 30 active map gel images in the left or right image. Select the left or right image. Then select the active map image using the (File | Open active map image | ...) command.
  3. Flicker align the gels in the region you are interested in.
  4. Click on the spot in the active image and use ctl-M for spot measurement.
  5. Then click on the corresponding spot in the user's gel and use ctl-M for spot measurement. This will also assign the same number to the spot.
  6. One can select multiple spots in both images. Selecting one at a time for the corresponding spots between the right and left images.
  7. Then select the active image by clicking on the on a red "+" for the spot you are interested in.
  8. Make sure to set (View | Set view measurement options | Use 'spot identifer' for spot annotations) to view the spot annotations.
  9. Also, enable the Checkbox
onClick to access DB checkbox. IF flickering was enabled, it will disable flickering.
  10. Click on the menu ( Quantify | Measure by Circle| Lookup Protein IDs and Names from acitve map server (select image)). This will set and display the annotation of the spots from the remote database int the active image.
  11. Now you must click on each measured spot in the user gel and click ctl-I or (Quantify | Measure by Circle | Edit selected spot(s) 'id' fields from spot list(s)). A popup 'Edit spot annotation' window asks for the annotation 'id' value. A default is provided which can be edited.

Setup for the demo

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