Package <Unnamed>

Class Summary
Affine The Affine class does affine transform setup and pixel operations.
Boundary Class Boundary performs boundary operations and its instance exists in the ImageData object.
BrightnessContrastFilter Class BrightnessContrastFilter implements RGBFilter for image adjustment to implement a contrast/brightness filter.
BuildGUI BuildGUI class is used to build the Flicker GUI.
CalibrateOD CalibrateOD handles grayscale to OD calibrations for images.
DrawHistogram The DrawHistogram class is used to draw an image intensity histogram in a popup frame.
EventKbd EventKbd class supports keyboard event handling for Flicker top level GUI.
EventMenu EventMenu class supports menu item event handling for Flicker top level GUI.
EventScroller EventScroller class supports scroller event handling for Flicker top level GUI.
FileIO Class FileIO is used to read file I/O from local disk or URL CGI server.
FlkDemo FlkDemo contains methods to maintain the DB/FlkDemoDB.txt database used by Flicker.
FlkMap FlkMap contains methods to maintain the DB/FlkMapDB.txt database used by Flicker.
FlkObserver FlkObserver implements our own (rather than default) image observer
FlkRecent FlkRecent contains methods to maintain the FlkRecentDB.txt database used by Flicker.
FlkUser FlkUser contains methods to maintain the internal FlkUserDB database created by analyzing the user's image directories they have placed in the Images/ folder.
ImageData ImageData class supports image data object access.
ImageDataMeas ImageDataMeas class supports image data spot measurement object access.
ImageDataROI ImageDataROI class supports image data ROI object access.
ImageDataSpotList ImageDataSpotList class supports image data spot list object access.
ImageIO ImageIO class is used to do Flicker image I/O and conversion functions.
ImageScroller ImageScroller class supports a scrollable image for the Left and right images.
ImageXform ImageXform class supports image transforms.
Info Info class supports updating the "Info" area on the Flicker GUI displaying messages on the status of Flicker.
Landmark Landmark class supports landmark data structures and operations.
MedianCut MedianCut converts an RGB image to 8-bit index color using Heckbert's median-cut color quantization algorithm.
Plugin1 Plugin1 External Function object class for Flicker.
Plugin2 Plugin2 External Function object class for Flicker.
Plugin3 Plugin3 External Function object class for Flicker.
PluginMgr PluginMgr base class is used for managing user Plugin{n}'s for Flicker.
Popup Popup class supports various popup windows including:
PopupDialogQuery The PopupDialogQuery class is a generic popup query dialog window.
PopupTextFieldDialog The PopupTextFieldDialog class provides a popup text field with a Done and Cancel buttons.
PopupYesNoDialogBox Class PopupYesNoDialogBox is a dialog box with with 1, 2 or 3 yesMsg, noMsg, and cancelMsg.
ScrollableImageCanvas ScrollableImageCanvas class supports a scrollable canvas Define a scrollable image canvas.
ShowReportPopup The ShowReportPopup class creates and displays scrollable string text area in a popup window.
SliderState Class State contains the sliders state for an ImageScroller instance.
SpatialXform Class SpatialXform is used for doing non-linear order warping These methods are derived from:
Spot Class Spot contains the spot structure for measured spots.
TiffLoader Class TiffLoader reads Tiff image into the class instance.
Util Class Util contains utility methods used by Flicker.
Windump Class Windump is used debug print methods for image neighbohood, windows, etc.
WriteGifEncoder The WriteGifEncoder class writes out an Image object as a named GIF file.