Class LmsData

  extended by Landmark.Lmsglb
      extended by Landmark.LmsData

public class LmsData
extends Lmsglb

Class LmsData is used for data output for the Landmark program.

Edited and refactored by Greg Thornwall, SAIC.

This code was derived and refactored other Open2Dprot Java programs and from GELLAB-II landmark C language files "Version November 9, 1999".

This work was produced by Peter Lemkin of the National Cancer Institute, an agency of the United States Government. As a work of the United States Government there is no associated copyright. It is offered as open source software under the Mozilla Public License (version 1.1) subject to the limitations noted in the accompanying LEGAL file. This notice must be included with the code. The Open2Dprot Mozilla and Legal files are available on

$Date: 2005/09/12 21:12:30 $ $Revision: 1.8 $
P. Lemkin, NCI-Frederick, Frederick, MD, 21702
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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class Landmark.Lmsglb
acc, accDatabaseFile, accFile, accFormatMode, applicationName, argsV, banner, bannerTitle, baseImageFileNameRsample, baseImageFileNameSample, batchDir, cacheDir, commutativeLMSswitch, CONSOLE_FLAG, cs, data, DATE, dbLM, dbRsample, dbSample, DBUB_FREE_040000, DBUG_APPEND, DBUG_COMPUTE_RADII, DBUG_CONSOLE, DBUG_FREE_010, DBUG_FREE_0100, DBUG_FREE_01000, DBUG_FREE_010000, DBUG_FREE_0100000, DBUG_FREE_01000000, DBUG_FREE_020, DBUG_FREE_0200, DBUG_FREE_02000, DBUG_FREE_020000, DBUG_FREE_0200000, DBUG_FREE_02000000, DBUG_FREE_040, DBUG_FREE_0400, DBUG_FREE_04000, DBUG_FREE_0400000, DBUG_PRINT_AT, DBUG_SWITCH_ANALYSIS, DBUG_SWITCHES, dbugBitName, dBugBits, dbugBitsHelpStr, dbugBitValues, dBugLMnbr, debugSwitch, defaultSwitch, demoFileList, demoSwitch, docFileList, dtdSwitch, editRsampleLMSFlag, fileSeparator, fio, fourSqrtPi, ini, inPixFileRsample, inPixFileSample, inputFormatSwitch, jarFileList, jarLibrFileList, landmarkDatabaseFile, landmarkURL, legalImageFileExtens, lmsFile, lmsFormatMode, makeBkupCopyFlag, needToSaveLMSdataFlag, NEVER, nlmDB, nSwitches, OPTBKGROUND, osName, paramH, pix, pixFileExtn, ppxDir, pra, projDir, projDirSwitch, propertiesFile, propertiesFileSwitch, PUBLISH, rdbmsDir, REVISION, RSAMPLE, rsampleName, rsampleSwitch, SAMPLE, sampleName, sampleSwitch, separateFlickerWindowFlag, simplePixFileRsample, simplePixFileSample, sort, spfFormatMode, ssfCWX1, ssfCWX2, ssfCWY1, ssfCWY2, ssfFileRsample, ssfFileSample, ssfFormatMode, ssfInputEpilogueFileRsample, ssfInputEpilogueFileSample, ssfInputFileRsample, ssfInputFileSample, ssfInputPrefaceFileRsample, ssfInputPrefaceFileSample, startTime, sw, switchOptCBvalue, switchOptData, switchOptValue, timerSwitch, tmpDir, tryToSaveCurLMSflag, updateSwitch, usageSwitch, USE_DEMO_DATA, useAccFileSwitch, useLmsFileSwitch, userDir, useRsampleLMSFlag, util, VERSION, xmlDir
Constructor Summary
          LmsData() - Constructor
Method Summary
static boolean dumpFinish()
          dumpFinish() - finish and report statistics
 void reset()
          reset() - reset any resources that must be reset for the next run of the program.
static boolean saveAllDBfiles()
          saveAllDBfiles() - save any database files that need to be saved.
Methods inherited from class Landmark.Lmsglb
initGlb, resetGlb, showReportStatus
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public LmsData()
LmsData() - Constructor

Method Detail


public void reset()
reset() - reset any resources that must be reset for the next run of the program.


public static boolean saveAllDBfiles()
saveAllDBfiles() - save any database files that need to be saved.

makeBkupCopyFlag - - make .bak backups for any files saved.
true if succeed


public static boolean dumpFinish()
dumpFinish() - finish and report statistics

true if succeed