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Packages that use CSDexpr

Uses of CSDexpr in O2Plib.db.CSD

Fields in O2Plib.db.CSD declared as CSDexpr
 CSDexpr[] CSDexprList.epList
          [0:nEPlist-1] list of expression profiles
static CSDexpr CSDglb.wrkExpr
          Working expression profile related data.

Methods in O2Plib.db.CSD that return CSDexpr
 CSDexpr[] CSDexprList.getExprList()
          getExprList() - get the list of Expression listS

Methods in O2Plib.db.CSD with parameters of type CSDexpr
 boolean CSDexprList.addExpr(CSDexpr dbE)
          addExpr() - add Expr to ExprList.
 int CSDexprList.lookupIdxByRspot(CSDexpr dbE)
          lookupIdxByRspot() - lookup index of Rspot object in ExprList.
 boolean CSDexprList.rmvExpr(CSDexpr dbE)
          rmvExpr() - remove Rspot from ExprList.