Package O2Plib.db

Class Summary
DbAccession Class DbAccession accesses the Open2Dprot accession database.
DbBaseSpot Class DbBaseSpot is the base class used to define a spot.
DbBoundary Class DbBoundary supports spot boundary analysis data structures (chain-coded) and functions for representing spot boundaries in DbSpot for the Open2Dprot system.
DbLM Class DbLM is the Landmark database for Open2Dprot.
DbPairSamples Class DbPairSamples is the Sample Paired-spots File (SPF) state for spot pairing modules in Open2Dprot.
DbPspot Class DbPspot contains the Composite Sample Database (CSD) spot.
DbSample Class DbSample defines information about a sample.
DbSpot Class DbSpot supports a spot data structure for spot features in Open2Dprot programs.
LMset Class LMset maintains the Landmark database for Open2Dprot.