Package O2Plib.gui

Class Summary
MenuSupport Class MenuSupport contains various Menu support functions for helping implement and support dynamic submenus of MenuItem or CheckboxMenuItem types.
PopupHTMLbrowser Class PopupHTMLbrowser is the popup a web browser on the specified URL string.
PopupNameListSelectorDialog Class PopupNameListSelectorDialog is a popup window to select a list of names.
PopupOptions Class PopupOptions creates and displays a popup window of pairs of (-options, data) and scrollbars for assigning command line switches and threshold parameters for some of the switches.
PopupTableEditDialog Class PopupTableEditDialog implements a popup GUI to create and edit the sample annotation used in the accessioning program.
PopupTextFieldDialog Class PopupTextFieldDialog provides a popup text field with a Done and Cancel buttons.
PopupYesNoDialogBox Class PopupYesNoDialogBox is a dialog box with with 1, 2 or 3 yesMsg, noMsg, and cancelMsg.