Uses of Class

Uses of CalibrateOD in <Unnamed>

Fields in <Unnamed> declared as CalibrateOD
          Calibrate OD instance
private  CalibrateOD DrawHistogram.calib
          link to working data related CalibrateOD instance
 CalibrateOD ImageData.calib
          calibration data is ImageData specific
private  CalibrateOD DrawHistogram.calibBKUP
          Backup copy of the initial CalibrateOD instance that can be used for restoring the calibration.

Methods in <Unnamed> with parameters of type CalibrateOD
 boolean CalibrateOD.restoreFromClone(CalibrateOD clone)
          restoreFromClone() - restore this.

Constructors in <Unnamed> with parameters of type CalibrateOD
CalibrateOD(CalibrateOD clone)
          CalibrateOD() - constructor clone a CalibrateOD instance when you want to save the clone state.