Uses of Class

Uses of Flicker in <Unnamed>

Fields in <Unnamed> declared as Flicker
private  Flicker Affine.flk
          Global instance
private  Flicker Boundary.flk
(package private) static Flicker BrightnessContrastFilter.flk
          flicker instance
(package private)  Flicker BuildGUI.flk
          Flicker instance
private  Flicker CalibrateOD.flk
          Global instances
private static Flicker DrawHistogram.flk
          link to global Flicker instance
private  Flicker EventKbd.flk
private  Flicker EventMenu.flk
          instances of global classes
(package private)  Flicker EventScroller.flk
private  Flicker FileIO.flk
          instance of Flicker
private static Flicker FlkDemo.flk
          Instance of Flicker
private static Flicker FlkMap.flk
          Instance of Flicker
private static Flicker FlkRecent.flk
          Instance of Flicker
private static Flicker FlkUser.flk
          Instance of Flicker
static Flicker ImageData.flk
          Flicker global classes
static Flicker ImageDataMeas.flk
          Flicker global classes
static Flicker ImageDataSpotList.flk
          Flicker global classes
 Flicker ImageIO.flk
          Flicker class
(package private)  Flicker FlkObserver.flk
          Global instances
private  Flicker ImageScroller.flk
(package private)  Flicker ScrollableImageCanvas.flk
private  Flicker ImageXform.flk
          main class instance
(package private)  Flicker Info.flk
private static Flicker Landmark.flk
(package private) static Flicker PluginMgr.flk
          global instance
(package private)  Flicker Popup.flk
(package private)  Flicker PopupTextFieldDialog.flk
private  Flicker ShowReportPopup.flk
          link to global Flicker instance
private static Flicker SliderState.flk
private static Flicker SpatialXform.flk
          Global instance
private static Flicker Spot.flk
          instance of Flicker
private static Flicker Util.flk
          Instance of Flicker
private static Flicker Windump.flk
          instance of Flicker

Methods in <Unnamed> with parameters of type Flicker
 boolean Plugin1.fctCalc(Flicker flkS, ImageData iData, int[] oPix)
          fctCalc() - called to perform the image function
 boolean Plugin2.fctCalc(Flicker flkS, ImageData iData, int[] oPix)
          fctCalc() - called to perform the image function
 boolean Plugin3.fctCalc(Flicker flkS, ImageData iData, int[] oPix)
          fctCalc() - called to perform the image function
static boolean PluginMgr.fctCalc(Flicker flk, int efNbr, ImageData iData, int[] oPix)
          fctCalc() - called to perform the image function
 void SliderState.init(Flicker flicker, java.lang.String name)
          init() - set state to default values.

Constructors in <Unnamed> with parameters of type Flicker
Affine(Flicker flk)
          Affine() - constructor which sets up the global links
Boundary(Flicker flk)
          Boundary() - constructor.
BrightnessContrastFilter(Flicker flkS)
          BrightnessContrastFilter() - constructor.
BuildGUI(Flicker flk, java.lang.String title)
          BuildGUI() - constructor for Class BuildGUI
CalibrateOD(Flicker flk, int maxGray)
          CalibrateOD() - constructor to set up the initial map.
DrawHistogram(Flicker flk, java.lang.String title, java.lang.String horizCaption, java.lang.String vertCaption, int histMode)
          DrawHistogram() - create a histogram plot for left or right selected image.
EventKbd(Flicker flk)
          EventKbd() - constructor
EventMenu(Flicker flk, BuildGUI bGui)
          EventMenu() - constructor
EventScroller(Flicker flk)
          EventScroller() - constructor
EventScroller(java.lang.String name, int id, Flicker flk)
          EventScroller() - constructor
FileIO(Flicker flk)
          FileIO() - constructor
FlkDemo(Flicker flkS)
          FlkDemo() - constructor for Class FlkDemo
FlkMap(Flicker flkS)
          FlkMap() - constructor for Class FlkMap
FlkObserver(Flicker flk, ImageIO imgIO)
          FlkObserver() - Constructor
FlkRecent(Flicker flkS)
          FlkRecent() - constructor for Class FlkRecent
FlkUser(Flicker flkS)
          FlkUser() - constructor for Class FlkUser
ImageData(java.lang.String iName, java.awt.Image newImg, java.awt.Dimension iSize, boolean blackIsZeroFlag, float[] mapGrayToOD, Flicker flkS)
          ImageData() - Constructor.
ImageIO(Flicker flk, java.lang.String sWorking)
          ImageIO() - Constructor
ImageScroller(Flicker flk, java.lang.String name, java.lang.String title, ImageData iData, int preferredWidth, int preferredHeight, int def_delay, int min_delay, int max_delay, boolean useScrollBarsFlag)
          ImageScroller() - constructor.
ImageXform(Flicker flk, java.lang.String nameLR, ImageData iData, java.lang.String useXform, int externFctNbr)
          ImageXform() - Construct ImageXform object.
Info(Flicker flk, javax.swing.JPanel msgPanel)
          Info() - constructor
Landmark(Flicker flkS, java.awt.Font lmsFontUse, int maxLMSuse)
          Landmark() - Constructor.
PluginMgr(Flicker flkS)
          PluginMgr() - constructor called from main to initialize things
Popup(Flicker flk)
          Popup() - constructor
PopupTextFieldDialog(Flicker flk, java.lang.String msg, java.lang.String defaultAnswer)
          PopupTextFieldDialog () - constructor
ScrollableImageCanvas(java.awt.Image img, ImageScroller is, Flicker flk, boolean useScrollBarsFlag)
          ScrollableImageCanvas() - constructor.
ShowReportPopup(Flicker flk, java.lang.String textReport, int nRows, int nCols, java.lang.String title, java.lang.String defTxtFile, boolean showStatusFlag)
          ShowReportPopup() - Constructor.
SpatialXform(Flicker flk)
          SpatialXform() - constructor.
Spot(Flicker flkS)
          Spot() - setup Spot part of the database
Util(Flicker flkS)
          Util() - constructor for Class Util
Windump(Flicker flkS)
          Windump() - constructor