Uses of Class

Uses of ImageScroller in <Unnamed>

Fields in <Unnamed> declared as ImageScroller
 ImageScroller ImageXform.curIS
          current ImageScroller right or left
 ImageScroller ScrollableImageCanvas.currentIS
          right or left IS that is being flickered
 ImageScroller Flicker.flkIS
          (non-scrollable) image canvas for drawing flicker images.
 ImageScroller Flicker.i1IS
          scrollable image 1 scrollable image (left)
 ImageScroller Flicker.i2IS
          scrollable image 2 scrollable image (right)
(package private)  ImageScroller
          The Image Scroller for the image data to compute filter on
          Parent class
private static ImageScroller EventMenu.lastIS
private  ImageScroller EventScroller.lastIS
          Image Scroller for current data sample being processed
 ImageScroller Flicker.lastIS
          last selected image canvas - used in an operation and is selected by clicking on either throws left or right (I1 or I2) images.

Methods in <Unnamed> that return ImageScroller
(package private)  ImageScroller Flicker.lookupCurrentImageScroller()
          lookupCurrentImageScroller() - lookup the current active ImageData if it is left or right

Methods in <Unnamed> with parameters of type ImageScroller
private  void ScrollableImageCanvas.drawTargetOverlay(java.awt.Graphics g, ImageScroller is, ImageScroller currentIS)
          drawTargetOverlay() - Draw Target Overlay in the ImageScroller window.
(package private)  void BrightnessContrastFilter.setBrCt(ImageScroller is, int brightness, int contrast, int maxBrightness, int maxContrast, boolean calcBrightnessFlag)
          setBrCt() - set parameters for the filter when it is invoked by pressing or dragging the mouse with the Shift key pressed.
 void ImageScroller.setcurrentIS(ImageScroller currentIS)
          setcurrentIS() - set the currentIS, used when flickering

Constructors in <Unnamed> with parameters of type ImageScroller
ScrollableImageCanvas(java.awt.Image img, ImageScroller is, Flicker flk, boolean useScrollBarsFlag)
          ScrollableImageCanvas() - constructor.