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Uses of Spot in <Unnamed>

Fields in <Unnamed> declared as Spot
 Spot ImageDataMeas.curSpot
          Current spot set with showMeasValue if being measured.
private  Spot Spot.s1
          Left Spot 1 if editing both spots
private  Spot Spot.s2
          Right Spot 2 if editing both spots
 Spot[] ImageDataSpotList.spotList
          List of measured spots data if not null [0:nSpots-1].
 Spot[] ImageDataSpotList.spotListBkup
          Backup list of measured spots data if not null [0:nSpotsBkup-1].
 Spot Flicker.spt
          Spot structures

Methods in <Unnamed> that return Spot
 Spot ImageDataSpotList.addUniqueSpotToSpotList(int nGel, int nbr, int nCirMask, int circleRadius, int xC, int yC, int xB, int yB, float area, boolean isCalibFlag, boolean useTotDensityFlag, float density, float densPrime, float bkgrd, float mnDens, float totDens, float mnDensPrime, float mnBkgrd, float dMax, float dMin, float dMaxBkgrd, float dMinBkgrd)
          addUniqueSpotToSpotList() - add spot if it is unique to the spot list else just update the spot measurement but keep the spot number if it is an existing spot if +- 1 pixel in xC and/or yC
 Spot ImageDataSpotList.lookupSpotInSpotListByXY(int xC, int yC)
          lookupSpotInSpotListByXY() - lookup the spot in the spotList[0:nSpots-1] if the (xC,yC) are +- 1 pixel in x and/or y.
(package private) static Spot[] Spot.readState(java.lang.String gelFile, java.lang.String iName)
          readState() - Read spotList[] "spt/.spt" file

Methods in <Unnamed> with parameters of type Spot
 boolean ImageDataSpotList.editSpotFromSpotList(Spot s, boolean editOnlyIDflag)
          editSpotFromSpotList() - edit the spot from the spot list if found
 boolean ImageDataSpotList.editSpotFromSpotList(Spot s1, Spot s2, boolean editOnlyIDflag)
          editSpotFromSpotList() - edit the spot from the spot list if found
 boolean Util.getAnnotationFromServer(ImageData iData, Spot s)
          getAnnotationFromServer() - get the gel iData spot s data from proteomic web server
static java.lang.String Spot.listSpotListData(java.lang.String imageName, java.lang.String units, Spot[] spotList, int nSpots)
          listSpotListData() - generate a string list of the spots in the spot list
static java.lang.String Spot.listSpotListDataTabDelim(java.lang.String imageName, java.lang.String unitsAbbrev, Spot[] spotList, int nSpots)
          listSpotListDataTabDelim() - generate a tab-delimited string table of of the spots in the spot list.
 boolean Spot.popupSpotEditBoth(Spot s1, Spot s2, boolean editOnlyIDflag)
          popupSpotEditBoth() - popup a spot editing function to let you edit two selected (putatively paired) spots together Edit the data in 3 columns with the field name on the left column the left image data in the middle column and the right image data in the right column.
 boolean ImageDataSpotList.rmvSpotFromSpotList(Spot s)
          rmvSpotFromSpotList() - remove the spot from the spot list if found If the spot is at the end of the list, the reuse the spot number.
(package private) static boolean Spot.writeState(java.lang.String gelFile, java.lang.String iName, Spot[] spotList, int nSpots)
          writeState() - Write the spotlist[] to "spt/.spt" file