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Uses of DbBaseSpot in O2Plib.db

Subclasses of DbBaseSpot in O2Plib.db
 class DbPspot
          Class DbPspot contains the Composite Sample Database (CSD) spot.
 class DbSpot
          Class DbSpot supports a spot data structure for spot features in Open2Dprot programs.

Fields in O2Plib.db declared as DbBaseSpot
 DbBaseSpot DbBaseSpot.bestPairedSpot
          ptr to best paired spot for spot-pairing, if not null
 DbBaseSpot DbBaseSpot.nextLMspot
          ptr to Next LM-set spot if not null
 DbBaseSpot DbBaseSpot.nextSpot
          ptr to Next spot instance in spot list if not null
 DbBaseSpot DbBaseSpot.prevSpot
          ptr to Previous spot instance in spot list if not null
 DbBaseSpot DbBaseSpot.rSpotNext
          Next instance for CSD database Rspot linked list

Methods in O2Plib.db with parameters of type DbBaseSpot
 boolean DbBaseSpot.copyBaseValues(DbBaseSpot sp, boolean copyPointersFlag)
          copyBaseValues() - copy values in spot sp into this spot.
 boolean DbBaseSpot.verifyNotCircularSSFlist(DbBaseSpot p, java.lang.String msg)
          verifyNotCircularSSFlist() - test to see if the spotlist is circular given a pointer into the list.