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Packages that use DbPairSamples

Uses of DbPairSamples in O2Plib.db

Fields in O2Plib.db declared as DbPairSamples
 DbPairSamples DbPairSamples.SpfContentHandler.spf
          where save the paired data

Methods in O2Plib.db with parameters of type DbPairSamples
 boolean DbPairSamples.SpfContentHandler.goParse(java.lang.String fileName, DbPairSamples spf)
          goParse() - parse XML file for prologue, spot, and epilogue data.
 boolean DbPairSamples.readSPFpairedSpotsXML(java.lang.String XMLfileName, DbPairSamples dbPS)
          readSPFpairedSpotsXML() - read SPF sample paired spot-list data from XML file.
 void DbPairSamples.SpfContentHandler.setPairSampleNames(DbPairSamples spf)
          setPairSampleNames() - set the paired sample names

Uses of DbPairSamples in O2Plib.db.CSD

Fields in O2Plib.db.CSD declared as DbPairSamples
static DbPairSamples[] CSDglb.dbSPFlistsDB
          List of SPF pairs read from SPF files [0:nSPFlist-1].

Methods in O2Plib.db.CSD with parameters of type DbPairSamples
 void CSD.setDbPairSamples(DbPairSamples[] aDbSPFlistsDB)
          setDbPairSamples() - set the dbSPFlist of pair-samples for the CSD.
 java.lang.String CSDtotals.toStringSample(DbPairSamples ps)
          toStringSample() - return the totals as a printable string