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Uses of DbPspot in O2Plib.db

Fields in O2Plib.db declared as DbPspot
 DbPspot DbSample.firstSpotPair
          first spot allocated in the linked spotPairList[] spot-pair list.
 DbPspot DbSample.lastSpotPair
          last spot allocated in the spotPairList[] spot-pair list (optional)
 DbPspot DbSample.listPairG
          point to first spot of full spot list - initialized to nulls.
 DbPspot[] DbSample.spotPairList
          DbPspot list [0:nTopSpotPair-1] for DbPspot spots entered by CC #.
private  DbPspot
          instance of current Sample DbPspot which is a DbSpot that is extended to encode both spots data in the spot-pair.

Methods in O2Plib.db that return DbPspot
 DbPspot DbPspot.clonePspot()
          clonePspot() - clone spot sp into this spot.
 DbPspot DbPspot.clonePspotRsample()
          clonePspotRsample() - clone spot sp into this spot.
 DbPspot DbSample.findSpotPairByXY(int nSample, int xT, int yT, int distThr, boolean allSpotsFlag)
          findSpotPairByXY() - find a spot in the spot-pair list that is within distThr of the (x,y) coordinate specified.

Methods in O2Plib.db with parameters of type DbPspot
 boolean DbPspot.copySpotValues(DbPspot sp, boolean copyPointersFlag)
          copySpotValues() - copy values in spot sp into this spot.
 boolean DbSample.insertSpotPair(DbPspot r, DbPspot sp)
          insertSpotPair() - insert DbPspot r BEFORE sp and update spotPairList[0:nTopSpotPair-1].
 boolean DbPairSamples.pushSpotPair(DbPspot sS)
          pushSpotPair() - push DbPspot spots pair of into spotLists and adjust spot pairing data.
 boolean DbSample.pushSpotPair(DbPspot r)
          pushSpotPair() - push DbPspot spot-pair into spotPairList[0:nTopSpotPair-1].
 boolean DbSample.removeSpotPair(DbPspot r)
          removeSpotPair() - remove DbPspot from spotPairList[0:nTopSpotPair-1].

Uses of DbPspot in O2Plib.db.CSD

Fields in O2Plib.db.CSD declared as DbPspot
 DbPspot CSDRspot.rSamplePspot
          The DbSpot for the Rsample Rspot.
 DbPspot[] CSDRspot.spotList
          List of DbPspots constituting the Rspot set [0:nSpots-1].

Methods in O2Plib.db.CSD that return DbPspot
 DbPspot CSDRspot.lookupBestDbPspotBySampleIdx(int idxSample)
          lookupBestDbPspotBySampleIdx() - find best DbPspot from Rspot set by sample index.

Methods in O2Plib.db.CSD with parameters of type DbPspot
 boolean CSDRspot.add(DbPspot ps)
          add() - add DbPspot to the Rspot set spotList[] list if the pairing code is SP, PP, AP, or (US with (xRmom,yRmom) NEQ 0).
 boolean CSDRspot.add2ERspot(DbPspot ps)
          add2ERspot() - add DbPspot to ERspot set.
 boolean CSDlimits.chkPspotLimits(DbPspot pSpot)
          chkPspotLimits() - check a DbPspot's Sample values for MW, pIe, (or RT, MZ) area, density (D'), density range, dP and dL limits.
 boolean CSDlms.isLandmarkSpot(DbPspot ps)
          isLandmarkSpot() - test if sample's ccNbr spot is a landmark spot.
 boolean CSDRspot.remove(DbPspot ps)
          remove() - remove DbPspot from Rspot set.