Class Sg2split

  extended by Seg2Dgel.Sg2glb
      extended by Seg2Dgel.Sg2split

public class Sg2split
extends Sg2glb

Class sg2split splits large saturated or near saturated spots by Boundary, Run-Projection-Map (RLM boundary) or Threshold for the 2D gel segmenter.

This code was derived and refactored from GELLAB-II sg2gii C language files.

This work was produced by Peter Lemkin of the National Cancer Institute, an agency of the United States Government. As a work of the United States Government there is no associated copyright. It is offered as open source software under the Mozilla Public License (version 1.1) subject to the limitations noted in the accompanying LEGAL file. This notice must be included with the code. The Open2Dprot Mozilla and Legal files are available on

$Date: 2005/10/23 12:44:55 $ $Revision: 1.6 $
P. Lemkin, NCI-Frederick, Frederick, MD, 21702
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Field Summary
private static int[] assocSS
private static int[] bndPixel
private static int[] ccALL
private static int[] ccNEXT
(package private) static DbBoundary drawListBnd
private static int[] gData
private static int[] mag
private static int[] mHist
private static int nSubSpots
private static int oldSize
private static int[][] subSpot
private static int[] tmp
private static int[] xData
private static int[] yData
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Constructor Summary
          Sg2split() - Constructor
Method Summary
static void reset()
          reset() - reset any resources that must be reset for the next run of the segmenter.
static boolean splitCheckSpot(int x, int y)
          splitCheckSpot() - (1) check if FBL CC spot meets minimum CC size criteria and then (2) check whether split it.
Methods inherited from class Seg2Dgel.Sg2glb
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Field Detail


private static int[] mHist


private static int[] mag


private static int[] ccALL


private static int[] ccNEXT


private static int[] bndPixel


private static int[] assocSS


private static int[] tmp


private static int[] xData


private static int[] yData


private static int[] gData


private static int[][] subSpot


private static int nSubSpots


private static int oldSize


static DbBoundary drawListBnd
Constructor Detail


public Sg2split()
Sg2split() - Constructor

Method Detail


public static void reset()
reset() - reset any resources that must be reset for the next run of the segmenter.


public static boolean splitCheckSpot(int x,
                                     int y)
splitCheckSpot() - (1) check if FBL CC spot meets minimum CC size criteria and then (2) check whether split it.
 There are several alternative heuristics that can be specified.:

 BOUNDARY ANALYSIS: look for notch pairs and break apart the spot
 by drawing white between the well-formed notch pair points
 and then find the FBL again!

 THRESHOLDING: if splitting a spot and the subspot i to
 be used has CCarea[i]

x -
y -
true if succeed