Uses of Class

Packages that use Table

Uses of Table in O2Plib.db

Fields in O2Plib.db declared as Table
 Table DbAccession.ta
          Accession database file table
          SSF data file table
 Table DbSample.te
          SSF epilogue file table
 Table DbLM.tlm
          Landmark database file table
          SSF prologue file table
 Table DbPairSamples.tspf

Methods in O2Plib.db that return Table
 Table DbAccession.readAccTable(java.lang.String accFile)
          readAccTable() - read the accession table from accFile
 Table DbLM.readLandmarkXML(java.lang.String XMLfileName)
          readLandmarkXML() - read landmark database data from XML file into Table.

Uses of Table in O2Plib.gui

Fields in O2Plib.gui declared as Table
 Table PopupTableEditDialog.tbl
          Table being edited.

Constructors in O2Plib.gui with parameters of type Table
PopupTableEditDialog(java.awt.Frame f, java.lang.String title, Table tbl, java.lang.String tblName, java.lang.String editType, int rowToEdit, boolean modalFlag, boolean readOnlyFlag)
          PopupTableEditDialog() - Constructor

Uses of Table in O2Plib.table

Fields in O2Plib.table declared as Table
static Table[] Table.tblList
          List of all Tables's [0:tblListSize-1].

Methods in O2Plib.table that return Table
 Table Table.copyTable(SimpleTable st)
          copyTable() - copy SimpleTable data to this Table.
static Table Table.lookupTableByName(java.lang.String tableName)
          lookupTableByName() - lookup the table by name

Methods in O2Plib.table with parameters of type Table
 SimpleTable Table.getTableRowsSubset(Table t, java.lang.String[] fieldList, java.lang.String[] newFieldList, java.lang.String[] urlPrefix, java.lang.String[] urlSuffix, int nFields, java.lang.String newTitle)
          getTableRowsSubset() - make new table of specified fields by fieldList[] and in the order in which they appear in the fieldList[].