Class Sg2wrk

  extended by Seg2Dgel.Sg2glb
      extended by Seg2Dgel.Sg2wrk

public class Sg2wrk
extends Sg2glb

Class Sg2wrk specifies WorkingStack used by the 2D gel segmenter in blob finding. Pixels that are determined to be 4 neighbor connected are pushed into the WorkingStack. This in turn is popped, pushed into the FBL, and then tested to see which 4-neighbors are candidates for the WorkingStack. The initial list will grow if needed and the data in the WorkingStack is also saved in a hash table for rapid determination of WorkingStack membership.

This code was derived and refactored from GELLAB-II sg2gii C language files.

This work was produced by Peter Lemkin of the National Cancer Institute, an agency of the United States Government. As a work of the United States Government there is no associated copyright. It is offered as open source software under the Mozilla Public License (version 1.1) subject to the limitations note in the accompanying LEGAL file. This notice must be included with the code. The Open2Dprot Mozilla and Legal files are available on

$Date: 2005/10/23 12:44:55 $ $Revision: 1.6 $
P. Lemkin, NCI-Frederick, Frederick, MD, 21702
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Field Summary
static int sizeHashWSprimeDefault
          current hash table size of wsList[]
static int sizeMaxWS
          current allocation size of wsList[]
static int topws
          top of the current WorkingStack
static Sg2wrk[] wsList
          Static WorkingStack variables
 short x
          WorkingStack instance: x coordinate
 short y
          WorkingStack instance: y coordinate
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Constructor Summary
          Sg2wrk() - Create WorkingStack instance
Sg2wrk(int initialStackSize)
          Sg2wrk() - Create WorkingStack database Note: we will put data into this instance as required.
Method Summary
static void clearWS()
          clearWS() - clear the WS data counter and hash table, but not the data in the arrays (to save time).
static java.lang.String cvtWStoStr(java.lang.String msg)
          cvtWStoStr() - convert the current WS into a string
static Sg2wrk getWS(int n)
          getWS() - get n'th WorkingStack value instance
static int growWS(int newSizeMaxWS)
          growWS() - grow the wsList[] working stack tables to Sg2fbl.sizeMaxFBL.
 void initWS(int maxWSsize, boolean resetFlag)
          initWS() - initialize the WorkingStack data structures
static Sg2wrk popWS()
          popWS() - pop WorkingStack value instance if not empty
static void pushWS(int x, int y)
          pushWS() - If not already in the WorkingStack, then push the (x,y) pair onto the existing WS and regrow the stack if needed.
static void reset()
          reset() - reset any resources that must be reset for the next run of the segmenter.
Methods inherited from class Seg2Dgel.Sg2glb
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Field Detail


public static int sizeMaxWS
current allocation size of wsList[]


public static int sizeHashWSprimeDefault
current hash table size of wsList[]


public static Sg2wrk[] wsList
Static WorkingStack variables


public static int topws
top of the current WorkingStack


public short x
WorkingStack instance: x coordinate


public short y
WorkingStack instance: y coordinate

Constructor Detail


public Sg2wrk(int initialStackSize)
Sg2wrk() - Create WorkingStack database Note: we will put data into this instance as required.


public Sg2wrk()
Sg2wrk() - Create WorkingStack instance

Method Detail


public static void reset()
reset() - reset any resources that must be reset for the next run of the segmenter.


public void initWS(int maxWSsize,
                   boolean resetFlag)
initWS() - initialize the WorkingStack data structures

maxWSsize - is the new working stack size


public static Sg2wrk getWS(int n)
getWS() - get n'th WorkingStack value instance

p - is the p'th WorkingStack instance
top of the WorkingStack stack


public static Sg2wrk popWS()
popWS() - pop WorkingStack value instance if not empty

top of the WorkingStack stack


public static void pushWS(int x,
                          int y)
pushWS() - If not already in the WorkingStack, then push the (x,y) pair onto the existing WS and regrow the stack if needed. Also push it into hashWS.


public static int growWS(int newSizeMaxWS)
growWS() - grow the wsList[] working stack tables to Sg2fbl.sizeMaxFBL. Note: if grow the FBL, then it will regrow the WS. So this is only called from fbl.growFBL(). If it exists already, then copy the previous data if the new array is larger.

newSizeMaxWS - new size to grow the WS stack
return - the new size of the working starck


public static void clearWS()
clearWS() - clear the WS data counter and hash table, but not the data in the arrays (to save time). This should not be a problem since we only access the WS[] and hashWS data by index or key.


public static java.lang.String cvtWStoStr(java.lang.String msg)
cvtWStoStr() - convert the current WS into a string

the WS as a string