Uses of Class

Uses of Sg2wrk in Seg2Dgel

Fields in Seg2Dgel declared as Sg2wrk
static Sg2wrk Sg2glb.wrk
private  Sg2wrk Sg2hash.wrkHash
          instance of Working Stack (WS) associated with the hash
static Sg2wrk[] Sg2wrk.wsList
          Static WorkingStack variables

Methods in Seg2Dgel that return Sg2wrk
static Sg2wrk Sg2wrk.getWS(int n)
          getWS() - get n'th WorkingStack value instance
static Sg2wrk Sg2wrk.popWS()
          popWS() - pop WorkingStack value instance if not empty

Methods in Seg2Dgel with parameters of type Sg2wrk
 int Sg2hash.growHashWS(Sg2wrk wrk, int newSize)
          growHashWS() - grow the WS hash tables to at least the newSize by finding a prime number GEQ the specified newSize.