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The following table lists links to the revision history, current version number and status for each of the subprojects and common library as well as the Open2Dprot scheduler program. Some of the links of the unreleased programs (grayed out) are not listed and will become available when they are released. Note that the subproject Revision history web pages are generally more up to date than the subproject Status pages.

Subproject Revision history Current version Status
--- --- ---
Accession revision history version status
Seg2Dgel revision history version status
Landmark revision history version status
AutoLandmark --- --- ---
CmpSpots revision history version status
BuildCSD --- --- ---
CSDminer --- --- ---
O2Plib (library) revision history version status

1. Revision histories of individual Open2Dprot subprojects

The detailed revision history for each pipeline module subproject is found on its corresponding Web page. Click on the entry in the table to access that page.

2. Current versions of individual Open2Dprot subprojects

Each subproject pipeline module has its own version number that may be found by clicking on the entry in the table. The version numbers are reflected in the names of the distribution files on the File Mirror.

3. Status of overall Open2Dprot Project

This documents the overall status of the project. Check the individual pipeline modules status documentation in the above table for details about the status of individual pipeline module subprojects.

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